Untold Story Of My Life Why I Am Getting Wedded – Toyin Ayuba Olaitan

Untold Story Of My Life Why I Am Getting Wedded

Untold Story Of My Life Why I Am Getting Wedded

This article reveals the most painful event in my life vis-a-vis the reason I am pushing to get wedded before proceeding into another serious relationship. I believe this will at least provide some iota of guarantee to me and my partner.

The story began in 2019 when the girl I dated for over 4 years eloped with another guy, just some weeks before our wedding. This was a girl I really love and shared everything with to the extent that I could not make a decision without her advice. Yeah, including financial decisions and purchasing decisions and in the end, it was not a story of Romeo and Juliet, but that full of tears and pain.

I would not want to go into details about how I supported this particular girl in every possible way, hoping she would be there till the end. Anyway, we started having problems in March 2019 after she traveled to Port Harcourt without my knowledge.

Truth be told, I decided to also ignore her because I couldn’t fathom why she would not inform me of her journey. However, on the advice of my sister, I called her and pleaded with her to return to Iwo, but she refused and I also stopped pushing. It was getting obvious there is something going on behind the scene.
She eventually returned to Iwo for Ileya later in 2019 and phoned to request a meeting. I decided to meet her at least for old-time sake although it turned out to give me another glimpse of fake hope. The hope that totally broke me.

During our reunion or so to say, she asked for forgiveness and I forgave her. On getting home, I informed my mum of the update and she said NO. After numerous persistence from both my sisters and me, she eventually succumbed and the future seems bright. Had I known, I should have listened to my mum.

Some weeks later, the girl told me to stop coming to her house because her mum does not want it. I was shocked since I have been coming there for a long time and usually say hello to her mom as a wise guy (hope you guys get what I meant there). Amidst this new issue, I got information that there is a guy from Port-Harcourt who has been seeing her which her mum appears to fully support.

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To cut a long story short, her mum later told me I can’t marry her. It could have ended at this point but the girl put up another surprising show. We both went to see her dad who asked her explicitly who she wants and she chose me. Her dad went further to ask me if I was ready for marriage and I said yes (what a funny me).
I got the list of requirements for the introduction and with the aid of mum in November, I started purchasing the items on the list.

On the 7th of December 2019, she attended a party and got drunk. This was shocking and I was mad because she knows I don’t take alcohol and cannot allow my fiancee to develop such habits. I expressed my displeasure but it seems she was not ready to give it up and I called off the relationship. It was not clear back then but when she got married to the Ph guy then I got the message. The alcohol trick was just an excuse to make me call it off.

To save my face, I started pushing to find another lover but I guess love does not work that way until I met my new wife-to-be. Therefore, I didn’t just start planning to get married this year or last year. I have been aiming to do this for 3 years and I think I am ready to do this.

Moreover, the girl that left me had already given birth to about 2 children and I am not getting any younger also. There are also concerns about the legality of the relationship societal-wise and religious-wise. Therefore, after considering every possible alternative and deliberating with people, I think the best thing is for me to do this.

I really appreciate the concerns of those who think I should not wed yet, it shows how much they care for my well-being and progress. I hope to repay you in multiple folds by God’s grace.

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