Seven early signs a relationship won’t last long-term


Seven early signs a relationship won’t last long-term

Though the intention is so, not every relationship gets to stand the test of time. Some are short-lived, and the two people fall apart due to various reasons.

While some of these reasons are big enough to notice and ponder upon, others are minute. Here are some early signs a relationship won’t last long-term.

1. You feel like you can’t fully be yourself
For a relationship to last long-term, it is very important to feel like you can always be your genuine and authentic self around your partner. If you just started dating, it might take some time to open up. But if you find yourself pretending too much or self-conscious around your partner, that’s unsustainable in the long run.

2. Your partner communicates infrequently
Every couple has a different understanding of how much they communicate and when. However, if just at the start of a relationship, you feel like your partner doesn’t prioritize you and communicates less frequently than you would like, it is a red signal. Though it is important to be patient, one should not overdo it and end up wasting time.

You are not on the same page
It’s vital that a couple share a basic, overall picture of how they would like for their lives to unfold. Be it financially, family, spiritually, lifestyle, contributions to the world – you two need to be on the same page. If not that, at least you should be able to respect your partner’s dreams and desires.

4. You feel like your opinion is not valued
Mutual respect is key to laying the foundation of any healthy long-term relationship. Both the partner’s opinions must be equally valued in any situation. But if you feel that your partner values their opinion above yours, that’s a sign they won’t make a great companion in the long run.

5. They are nasty to others
If your partner often loses cool with salespeople, servers at restaurants, etc., you might be the next. You should be careful and mindful of how they treat others, for as the relationship develops, that same treatment might come your way.

6. You accept their faults, but they don’t accept yours
Knowing and accepting each other’s faults and shortcomings is a part of every relationship. However, if you are the only one doing so without getting anything from your partner in return, that doesn’t work for a romantic future together.

7. ​Your friends and family don’t like them
Your family and friends usually want what’s best for you and sometimes they can see situations more clearly than we can. Thus, getting their perspective might be helpful in seeing any red flags you may be consciously or unconsciously avoiding.


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