Meet Jerry Ebyherithei Jerry “Dark Stallion”


Meet Jerry Ebyherithei Jerry “Dark Stallion”

Jerry Ebyherithei Jerry was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Joseph M Jerry on the 1st of June, 1978 in Oworonsoki, Lagos state. He holds Diploma in Business Administration, BA philosophy and Diploma in public speaking.

Jerry was a student activist. In 2005/2006, he was elected as the publicity secretary of NPO youth wing in Ondo state. He’s the founder of Dream Team Africa. An innovation that Executed a number of youth development projects across Africa. And also oversee the construction and renovation of number of Christian churches across South Africa on youth development project.
Dark Stallion is a prince from the Kalasuwe of Apoi Kingdom, ostensibly from his maternal horizon.

Follow him in Instagram: @isdarkstallion


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