Importance Of Sleeping For A Good Health

Importance Of Sleeping For A Good Health

Health is a complete state of physical, mental and social well being.

The state of being well depends on the level of our hygiene, i.e how we keep our body and surroundings clean.

Sleeping is something natural and its good for a human body to stay healthier.

Sleeping is when a person is trying to have a rest with their eyes closed and is not aware of what’s happening around, sleep used to be a very important to a person because it develop body, grow stronger and makes you healthy.

Importance of sleeping

In this place sleeping makes every part of the body to be relaxed, and makes us feel strong and refreshed, It also allows a body to recover quick from illness and lack of strength, it also makes us to perform better in our studies

The body always function more when we are active and functions less when we are sleeping or resting.

This is when a sit down or lying down quietly doing nothing, while resting every part of the body relaxes.

Importance of sleepingWe always feel stronger after a good rest. A good rest also makes us healthy, and the best way to rest is to sleep.

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