Importance Of Food For A Good Health

Importance Of Food For A Good Health

The process of taking food into our body, and how the food is used by the body for our survival, growth, development and good health.

There are three main groups of food that provide the nutrients required in the body
These are, energy giving food, body building foods and body protecting or body regulating food.

Example of energy giving foods that comes in a form of starch.

1. Yam

2. Cassava.

3. Potatoes

4. Cereals

5. Grains

6. Maize

7. Millet

8. Wheat

There are also example of fact and oil which are.

1. Vegetable oil

2. Groundnut oil

3. Palm oil

4. Cheese

6. Butter

And some other foods which are to be taking in small quality are.

1. Sweets

2. Chocolate

3. Beverage

And body building foods are are mainly proteinous foods like.

1. Meat

2. Milk

3. Soya Beans

4. Cashew Nuts

5. Eggs

And body regulating foods that enable the body heal quickly when sick or injured are.

1. Oranges

2. Banana

3. Mangoes

4. Green vegetables

5. Salts

6. Liver

7. Kidney

8. Cashew Nuts

9. Groundnut

Some diseases that may develop from poor intake of food items may include:

1. Marasmus

2. Kwashiorkor

3. Rickets

4. Scurvy

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