“Enough Is Enough”- Yomi Casual Chides Sexuality Rumors

“Enough Is Enough”- Yomi Casual Chides Sexuality Rumors

Nigerian fashion designer, Yomi Casual, has reacted to rumors that he is gay, saying he would wish for his own death if they were true.

The fashion designer extraordinaire took to his Instagram page to call out those who spread rumors about him being gay and let his feelings known in a lengthy note that contained curses.

Reacting to the allegations, Yomi mentioned that he is the one who best understands what it has done to him.

He wrote, “It is always easy for friends and family to reach out and always say, “Ignore them… Silence is golden…” they will get tired and move on to the next person.” But I am the one wearing the shoes, and I am the one feeling all pains and damages to my reputation as a father, husband, and businessman.”

He further added that he had never nursed the idea of being gay and will never do so. He cursed himself, stating that if he ever did, he should face grave consequences.

In his words, “Coming out of church today and having reflected on all the lies against me, I want to say I am not too good a Christian who would turn and take a slap on the other cheek. Enough is enough. Should I Omoniyi, Olorunyomi Makun be gay or nurse any single idea of sleeping with a fellow man, may death take me before my time, may everything that God has blessed me with be taken away from me. May I not prosper in anything I lay my hands to do. May failure become my portion in everything that concerns me till death.”

Meanwhile, his wife, Grace, alongside his brother, AY the comedian, both came out to address the rumors, and dared anyone with proof to come out with it in 24 hours.

She posted a lengthy statement on Instagram in which she addressed the notion that Yomi Casual was gay and berated those who made the assumption.

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