Blackdize Was Once Offered N1000 To perform In A Show

Blackdize Was Once Offered N1000 To perform In A Show

Blackdize Was Once Offered N1000 To perform In A Show

Someone once said there is no definite path to success, while some took the long road, others took the short cuts, some took the elevators and there are more that travel the road and never get to their destinations. Here BLACKDIZE share his trying times on the road to success.

OSAS OGIE popularly known as BLACKDIZE has been making wave of late, with the release of his chart topping track “JEJE” which is currently buzzing airwaves across the nation.

Basebaba caught up with BLACKDIZE recently and had a little chat with him, He talked about how it all began, what inspired him to pursue music as a career, his journey in the music industry, trials and tribulation. in his words he said ; choosing music over his administrative work wasn’t that rosy from the onset, their are days “i will just have to wait up to like 4 to 5 hours to have an audience with MC and event organizers to be able to perform in shows without pay.

The most dauting experience of it all is the day i took a bus from Benin to Lagos only to be offered N1000 to perform in a show for 1 hour”. But all glory to almighty God BLACKDIZE have finally arrived the scene with his own kind of music which his fans are presently enjoying and in his parting words he said, ” watch out for more of BLACKDIZE cause am just starting and thanks to you all my fans for keeping it real from day one”.


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